Hugo Kelly

Hugo Kelly

Can you describe a typical day at the Greenhill New York office?

Whilst every day at Greenhill presents its own unique challenge, my typical day would be spent working on the different requests that come from both live project mandates and pitches for new business. Working alongside senior and junior team members in a collaborative environment, our ultimate goal is always to deliver the highest quality of work that meets the respective client’s needs, whether it be managing a due diligence process, landscaping the relevant industry for potential opportunities, or performing detailed valuation analysis to help inform our client’s decision making process.

How do your experiences working in London and New York compare?

Greenhill’s focus on operating as a business that provides seamless cross-border advice means that there are clear similarities between the offices and my transition between the two felt very smooth; however, I think the main differences revolve around geography-specific factors. Being based in the New York office has allowed me to gain a far greater understanding of the US M&A market and the way it operates, from both a regulatory point of view and also from an opportunity landscape point of view.

What were some of the different things you worked on?

I was fortunate enough to be able to work across a number of industries whilst in New York, but the majority of my time was spent working on a sell-side process in the Consumer Health space. However, the generalist model allows analysts and associates to have exposure to a wide range of industries and as a result of this I was also able to work on a transaction in the TMT space, a Retail financing transaction that came as a direct result of Covid-19, and a number of assignments with Greenhill’s Industrials team.

What has been the biggest learning curve about living and working in New York?

I think that the main challenge initially was getting up to speed with the US-specific rules and regulations. Whilst there are elements which are certainly comparable to UK M&A, there are specific factors which differ and a deep understanding of them is fundamental in the analysis we perform on a daily basis.

What has been the highlight of your secondment?

The highlight of my secondment was being able to work with colleagues that I had previously been on the other side of the Atlantic from - it was a fantastic opportunity to develop relationships and learn new skills from other talented individuals within the Greenhill network.

What are the benefits of doing a secondment at Greenhill?

Doing a secondment at Greenhill is an opportunity to learn about the dynamics of a new market, interact with and learn from colleagues from a different office, all while experiencing a city that is different to the one that you had previously been working in.