Chet Johal

Chet Johal

Tell us about an average day at Greenhill.

There really is no ‘average’ day at Greenhill; the work is incredibly varied. Some days, for example, consist purely of calls with clients and roundtable internal discussions on strategy, whilst other days you’re focused on Excel modelling and building out a financial forecast.

The work, as a whole, is about building financial presentations which are used to convey a key message or idea to a client. Within that, the job of an analyst is to get those presentations together and liaise with client teams. There’s a lot involved in the process, whether it’s ringing up in-field experts to understand a company or industry, or even building out an entire presentation from scratch!

What do you enjoy most about your role?

I think what makes Greenhill is the people; everyone is smart and lovely and there is always such a positive atmosphere. Greenhill is so great at making you feel comfortable with everyone, regardless of their position in the firm.

In terms of the work itself, analysts have a lot of freedom to think strategically as well as looking at the numbers. Thinking about how a company should position itself, or whether they should acquire another company is a really fascinating to me and the cool thing about Greenhill is that an analyst’s strategic thinking is very likely to actually end up in front of CEOs.

What non-academic skills or experiences at university best prepared you for your career at Greenhill?

I don’t think that there are any particular skills or experiences that you need to be ‘prepared’ for a career at Greenhill. I think the general sense of maturity and seriousness that you gain by completing a degree at university is what is most useful.

Why did you pick Greenhill?

I wanted to work at a boutique because you get more exposure, work in smaller teams and tend to work on more interesting stuff. Greenhill is a great firm, with its foundation as the first listed boutique, and has great clients. This means that there’s lots of interesting work and that it’s an excellent place to learn about lots of different industries.

Greenhill is very keen on culture and we have a lot of fun as well as doing a lot of work; there’s a yearly ski trip that I always look forward to, and the summer and Christmas office parties are always enjoyable. The firm actually cares a lot about looking training people, which is one of the reasons I wanted to join.

Also, the Greenhill London office is around 50 people, which I think is an ideal size because you get to know everyone quickly and become part of the tight-knit team, but it’s still large enough to have your own space and to have all the things you’d want in an office like a print room and a nice kitchen space. It’s also right in the middle of Mayfair which is an amazing location to work!

What has surprised you about your role or the firm, since joining Greenhill?

Not a lot has surprised me since joining full-time because I interned with Greenhill beforehand and interns are essentially 1st year analysts for the summer, so I gained a good sense of the firm.

Two key things which surprised me on the internship, though, were how diverse the work of bankers is and how energising it is to be part of a results-driven industry. First, bankers do everything; their role is a lot more than just looking at numbers. It’s really about understanding clients and their business’s. Second, in this job the aim is to get to the right answer and ensure that all work is correct. Once seniors are satisfied that the analysis is correct, it gets sent out to clients. It’s great to work in a job where getting stuff right actually matters and where the emphasis is on getting it done and out there, especially compared to university life, where there is general academic pressure but less focus on precision. There is a confidence in banking that there are right and wrong answers to questions and you know very clearly what your purpose is and what your goals are.