Rosabella Magat

Rosabella Magat

Can you describe a typical day at the Greenhill New York office?

It’s hard to define a “typical day” since every day is different depending on the project. Some days, I will primarily focus on deal execution and liaising with clients and counterparties on a diligence process. Other days, I could be working with an MD to outline potential targets for a client. Most days I’ll be working directly with MD’s and working closely with analysts to produce materials for both pitches and live project mandates.

How do your experiences working in London and New York compare?

There are more similarities between the offices than one might think! The Greenhill culture is very consistent globally. I have also worked on many projects that typically have a cross border angle which I continue to do in the New York office. The key differences which I’m learning about are the public M&A considerations which change across jurisdictions and are governed by the legal regimes within different geographies.

What are you working on at the moment?

I’m currently working on multiple buy-side engagements in two different industries. At the moment I am working on a mandate in the Staffing space as well as the Chemicals space, one of which involved a public target and cross border dynamics and another which is domestically focused and involving a private target. The variety of engagements can be very broad given the Generalist nature of the role.

What has been the biggest learning curve about living and working in New York?

I am still involved with many cross border opportunities but I’m now naturally more involved in plenty of domestic opportunities. Learning about the different laws that govern US M&A (which can vary by state as well) has been interesting and new for me.

What has been the highlight of your secondment?

The highlight of my secondment has been meeting and working with my colleagues in New York. The firm is actively growing and it’s been exciting to see new people across all levels join the firm and add to the culture at Greenhill.

What are the benefits of doing a secondment at Greenhill?

I’ve been very fortunate to be able to do a secondment with Greenhill and I can already see many benefits. I’ve been able to get greater exposure to another M&A market, and a significant one at that. Internally within the firm, I’ve been able to work more closely with colleagues I had worked with from London and new colleagues I previously did not work with. It’s been great to see how consistent the culture is across the firm and how effective the firm is at offering clients a truly global service.